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Rev John Okolie – Scam Victim Read and Understand (Nigerian Scam)

Classic example of a Nigerian scam.  This one adds the use of “Rev.” as the would-be scammer’s title.  A sad attempt at fostering trust, by using a religious angle.  Here are the red flags:

1.  From and reply to email addresses don’t match.
2.  Central Bank of Nigeria (seeing a trend here?).
3.  Request to keep this secret, and only communicate with the Reverend here.  Of course he wants that.  We wouldn’t want another scammer to get my money, would we?  ~BD

Reply to:

From the Desk Of:
Dr. Rev John Okolie (Dr. Reverend?  Really?  Desperate much?)
Int’l. Wire Transfer/Telex Department,
Central Bank Of Nigeria,(CBN)
Office Number:+23412130615 Direct Telephone:+234 8033435257

Honestly after a serious thought, I have decided to personally reach you  directly because I do not have anything against you, but your so called representatives working with you to realize the remittance of your payment.  However, have you ever wondered why you have been going this vicious circle over  the past years with respect to having your fund paid to you without any success? It is possible that you were informed that your payment was brought to me for finalization, neither were you informed that I am the person frustrating every  move to get your fund remitted to your local bank account in your country, I can  assure you that this yetanother deceit on the part of your representative(s).Well,  like I said earlier to you, I have nothing against you or your payment but I’m only trying to protect my interest also. I do not want to mention names here,  but am certain you are aware of whom I am referring to having not received your  fund.  (Obviously, if I was dumb enough to buy into some scammer’s line of BS, I’d immediately trust this guy, since I would have been getting the run-around from other scammers.)

I am the Director, International Wire Transfer/Telex Department,Central Bank of  Nigeria, the apex bank in Nigeria. Some time in the past a representative of yours approached me through a friend of mine who works with one of the  Government Ministries here and requested that I assist him conclude a money  transfer deal having you as the beneficiary and we all agreed.According to him,  he wanted to use this strategy to transfer a huge amount of US Dollars by presenting your name as“Beneficiary” whose fund has not been paid.

Although we agreed that once I did that, he would give me 20% of the total fund and he will equally give me your contact information before I release the fund to your account. When he saw that I have programmed your fund for onward  transfer and your name has been approved among the list of those to be paid as instead of him letting me have your contact information to enable  me regulate the transfer of funds and confirm when it arrive in your account to enable me send to you my private account details for my share of the 20% as was  agreed previously, what he does was to start avoiding me and which  thereafter,resorted to threats,because of that,I immediately deleted your  payment initializing code (PIC) from the list of those to be paid, and this made  it very IMPOSSIBLE for the transfer to be completed to your account.

However, he your local representative became very angry when he came to  discovered i was smarter than his plots could not work out as he wrongly wished (Wow.  His plots could not work out as he wrongly wished.  Sure…that sounds intelligent and convincing…NOT.). What he did was to start looking for other means of trying to bribe other junior  officers to see how they could assist him secure approval to enable them transfer the money to you but all their efforts was to NO avail. Is it not so  funny my good friend, that you as a beneficiary is being asked to pay several statutory fees over and over without your fund being transfered to you as well  expected. Well, your fund is right here with us and am 100% responsible for the delay and obstructions of completing the transfer of funds to your account  because of the breach of the gentleman agreement between me and your representative. If you doubt what I have just told you now, then go ahead and  pay any amount he may oblige you pay and thereafter, he will subject you into another form of tax payment and it goes on and on WITHOUT SUCC
did not reveal the payment initi untrusted representative.

AND AGAIN BEAR IN MIND YOUR PAYMENT IS NOT IN ANY OFFSHORE PAYMENT CENTER FOR NOW and YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT FROM ANY OFFSHORE CENTERS FOR NOW AS FOLLOWS LONDON, SPAIN, HOLLAND, DUBAI, not even the United States of America or  anywhere outside Nigeria BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY MAY HAVE TOLD YOU. Now if you  want us (you & I) to work together for me to conclude the remittance to your  account, these are my conditions.  (First of all, why all caps?  Why are you YELLING AT ME?  Second…conditions?  You have conditions to send me money that’s supposedly mine?  What the hell?)

(I). You must keep my information to you in this correspondence highly secret because I don’t want to get involve with he,your local representative again in my life and I will have 10% of the money if successfully transfere to your local  bank account because it is only two of us in connection to logical remittance of the fund to you.

(ii). You MUST assure me that you will not betray me at last and my own share will be safe until when I will redirect you to lodged my part of the fund into an account that i will forward to you.

(iii) As you have seen, it will be useless and mere waste of money if you  continue with your local representative and i can assure you that with trust and  confidence we will conclude the transaction with utmost secrecy and  confidentiality if you wish to adhere to my directives and instructions. If these conditions are acceptable to you, contact me as soon as possible to let us  finalize all the arrangement and conclude the remittance of the fund to you immediately without any other delay attached.

I will give you more important details once I hear from you based on if you  promise to keep away from your local representative and handle this matter with  utmost confidentiality because I want to transfer the money without the  knowledge of any other officer of the bank or even without the knowledge of your  local representative .

May the peace of our Jesus Christ be upon you.  (And a reference to Jesus in an attempt to foster more trust.  Surely he’s a good Christian man…who wants to steal my hard-earned cash.  Nice try, dumb-ass.  If you were a Christian, why are you trying to steal from me?)

Faithfully Yours In Him.
Dr. Rev. John Okolie
Int’l. Wire Transfer/Telex Department,
Central Bank of Nigeria
Direct Line:+234 8033435257

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