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Agent Charles Uba – OFFICIAL NOTICE FROM AGENT CHARLES!!!! (Nigerian Scam)

Another classic.  A magical box of money sitting at an airport in Nigeria.  Nigeria = Scam.  End of discussion.  ~BD

From:  Agent Charles Uba <>
Reply to:

Hello Dear,

I am Agent Charles Uba, Senior Security Officer from Murtala Muhammed International Airport Security Service Nigeria.  (I just bet you are.)

We are hereby wish to inform you that we have recovered your Inheritance Payment/Consignment (box) from Lt Gen James Morgan who was trying to redirect the delivery to another address which totally different from yours, and he stated that you are aware of changing the delivery address to another destination and we decided to confirm from you before we can release the consignment to him, please are you aware of changing the delivery of your consignment (box) to another destination?  (Idiots.  Really?  Some box of money that I didn’t know about is being re-routed to someone else.  And you want me to stop it, and send you money to release it.  Not going to happen.)

This consignment (box) was retrieved from who claimed to be Lt Gen James Morgan during our last routine inspection suspected to be banking instruments worth Millions of United States Dollar notes in cash as indicated on the consignment papers.

Confirm to us if we should allow Lt Gen James Morgan to proceed with the redirection of your consignment/box to his its destination.

Lt Gen James Morgan is in our custody with your consignment, you respond immediately.  (So demanding!  You respond immediately.  Sorry, pal, I don’t take orders from anyone.)

Waiting for your urgent response.

Mr. Charles Uba.

(Murtala Muhammed
International Airport
Security Service Nigeria)

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