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MS Evaluator – Job Opportunity (Mystery Shopping Scam)

Here’s how these things work.  The scammer sends you a fake check.  You cash it, and keep your “salary.”  You wire the rest to someone, usually in Africa via Western Union.  By the time your bank discovers the check is fake, the “company” is long gone, and you’re responsible for the funds.  It’s called a mule scam.  Do NOT cash any checks without verifying their authenticity with the bank they are drawn on.  There are reputable mystery shopping companies out there…but they don’t send out random emails soliciting people to cash checks.  These things are SCAMS.  Beware.  ~BD

From: MS Evaluator –
Reply to:

We are a charter member of the Mystery-Shopping Provider’s Association (MS-PA),
You have been selected for assignment as a SECRET-SHOPPER in your area.
Your commission is $200 per assignment, your employment packet will include
funds for the shopping. There’s no charge to apply to become a shopper.

Payment check or money order will be a certain amount which you would be
required to cash your bank then deduct your salary (Here’s the heart of the scam.  Cash the fake check, wire the money to the scammer, and end up owing your bank for the bad check.), and have the rest used
for the evaluation.

Please provide the following information below if you interested.
All fields are required in order to serve you better.

+ FullName;
+ FullAddress;
+ StateCityZipcode;
+ Cellphone&Homephone;
+ Occupation; (This is relevant why?)
+ YourAge&Gender; (Just a side note here…it’s illegal for an employer to ask the age of a potential employee.  Obviously, this person isn’t concerned with the legality of this “job offer.”)

You will have access to training materials after this complete.
Your Job Description will be sent to you prior in your assignment.

Thank`s,  (Why is there an apostrophe in the word “thanks?”)
m.a.n.a.g.e.r  (Seriously?  What professional would list their title with a period between each letter?)

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