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Mr. Edwin Aja – Atten Beneficially, (Inheritance Scam)

…And yet another Western Union / Nigerian scam.  Here are the tells:

#1:  From and reply to email addresses don’t match.
#2:  Check out the fantastic grammar and spelling on this one.  Very obviously not written by an English-speaker.
#3:  The mention of Western Union…scammers just love to use Western Union.  ~BD

From:  Mr.Edwin Aja –
Reply to:

Atten Beneficially, (Beneficially?  Really?)

This is your first Payment of $5000 usd register today, So kindly reconfirm as, Your Receiver Name, Your Address, and your telhopen number (I’d love to, but I don’t have one of those telhopen thingies.), your text Question and Answer your Age to the office For your approval payment of $2.5Million sign to release immediately to you, Contact Western union Office immediately.

Name: Mr.Kevin Anthony.
TEL: +229 9858 9889
E-mail- (

Your western union, maximum amount receiving each day From tomorrow is $5000.00 daily until the funds complete Transferred. Once we receive info. the transfer will commence.

Best Regards
Kevin Aothony

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